News at the EUSAAT Congress 2022


Don’t miss our talk at the EUSAAT Congress 2022 in Linz, Austria. In the session Preregistration and Best Practice on Monday September 26, we will talk about the state of preregistration in animal research. We are thrilled to meet and discuss with other scientists working on the 3R!

New look, new features


We have updated our! Enjoy our new design and discover our new features. Have a look at our new Search function and browse through registered studies. You have finished your study and you want to connect data or results to your preregistration? Try our new update-function and upload documents at any time. Stay up to date with our News site and join us at one of our next talks.

5th Oxford | Berlin Summer School on Open and Responsible Research in the Life Sciences 2022

The Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) and the German Centre for the Protection of Laboratory Animals (Bf3R) organized a five-day summer school to guide early career researchers towards an open, transparent, and reproducible research workflow. This year a special focus lies on the ethics of animal experiments and the 3R principles (reduce, refine, replace). We will also have one lecture and two workshops on preregistration. We are excited to discuss with early career researchers from all around the world. We are pleased to meet with our colleagues from the Center for Open Science (COS) and and talk about collaborations to advance preregistration in animal research.

Open science toolbox for animal research


Preregistration is one of multiple possibilities to make animal research more reliable and more transparent. We have collected many tools that can be implemented all along the research process to maximize your research output. Have a look at our table of tools and check out what could be useful for you.

Declaration of common standards for the preregistration of animal research


The open science framework registry, and have declared common standards to ensure quality and transparency of preregistration in animal research. This declaration is now available in PNAS Nexus and allows stakeholders that want to recommend preregistration to refer to registries fulfilling published standards. The three registries already ensure public accessibility, transparency in their financial sources, tracking of changes, and warranty and sustainability of data. Furthermore, their registration templates cover a minimum set of mandatory information and studies are uniquely identifiable.