Meet the team


We will be at several events in the next weeks and would love to talk with our users! Meet us on:

·        August 29: 12th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences at Niagara Falls (Canada)
·        September 6: Sepsis Update 2023 in Weimar (Germany)
·        September 12: The University of Cologne in Cologne (Germany)
·        September 23: 20th Congress of the European Shock Society in Vienna (Austria)

If you cannot join us, you can have a look at our slides that we will upload after our talks


Preregistration is recommended by multiple journals

Multiple journals already recommend preregistration in their editorial policies e.g. the journals of the nature portfolio or journals of the American Association of Cancer Research. Show your commitment to transparency and reproducibility by preregistering your study. Be one of the early adopters and mention your preregistration of your animal study in your cover letter and you will draw editor’s attention to your manuscript.

Slides from delivered talks on

We have added our latest slides from delivered talks on on OSF If you are interested in learning more on preregistration in animal research, we are happy to give an online talk at your institution. Just contact us:


Happy New Year!

The team wishes you a Happy New Year! We want to thank all our users that contribute to a change of research culture by preregistering their animal research. We look back to a successful year 2022. We have updated our website and presented preregistration and multiple occasions. We have intensified our collaboration with the center for open science and and published together common standards for the preregistration of animal research. We look forward to an exciting year with lots of promising events such as the 12th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you want to get more insights on preregistration and other open science measures in animal research. We are pleased to give a virtual introduction into the topic and to discuss theoretical or practical aspects of preregistration at your institution. at the Bundesnetzwerk 3R

Join us at the next event of the German Bundesnetzwerk 3R on November 30. We will present our preregistration platform We are also looking forward to the presentations of other tools that support scientists in planning and conducting their animal study such as SMAFIRA, a searching tool for alternative methods or CIRS-LAS a reporting system for the recording and analysis of unplanned events in animal experimental research. The talks will be held in German. The registration is now open.

Guide to open science practices for animal research

Are you looking for further tools that can improve the quality and transparency of your animal research? Read our latest article in PLOS Biology for an overview of tools that can help you increase the reproducibility, but also the visibility of your research. If you have further suggestions for practices that should be included in our toolbox, please send us an email to at the EUSAAT Congress 2022


Don’t miss our talk at the EUSAAT Congress 2022 in Linz, Austria. In the session Preregistration and Best Practice on Monday September 26, we will talk about the state of preregistration in animal research. We are thrilled to meet and discuss with other scientists working on the 3R!

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